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Well if you have found your way here, we would like to congratulate you in truly valuing your wellbeing, and appreciating that to be well, you have to invest in your ‘self’. This is true of you even if you hadn’t been coping with the unexpected demands and continued fall out of a global pandemic.

Right now though you want to be sure that the wellbeing investment you are making is sustainable, that it isn’t a ‘quick fix’, and that you will see the benefits of your investment long after we have stopped working with you. One of our core values is all about sustainabiliy, which means that we believe in supporting people to help themselves. Because of this all of our work is designed to make you flourish independently of us. And if you are involved in team work and/or value the wellbeing of those around you, we train you so that you can contribute to the wellbeing of others.

So how do we do this? All of our work is constructed around you being your ‘best self‘. Which sounds amazing, and it is. We feel pretty comfortable bragging about our work not least because it is based on our published research. You don’t have to take our word for it though, just check out some of the feedback we have had.

We offer you wellbeing coaching, online wellbeing courses, and if you want something just for you then try our bespoke consultancy. Whatever you choose, we know by working together you will reconnect to your best self and be restored to your natural glory.

Want to see something hot off the press! Check out our Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential. All of the places for September and October are taken, to be assured of your place sign up and join the waiting list!

We believe in supporting people to help themselves

We are passionate about our wellbeing programmes

We know that wellbeing really matters to you, and whether you want to develop something just for yourself, for your team, or for your business then we have what you are looking for.

We have a series of online and offline wellbeing programmes, which have been developed from some serious nerdy and now published research. What matters to you matters to us, so we can tailor our programmes to meet your needs or work with you to design new programmes.

We are passionate about our wellbeing coaching and have spent years developing our practice to ensure that you achieve your goals by improving your wellbeing.

We also like to run our own studies into what works. Our enthusiasm for figuring things out spills over to into cultivating your research services too, and we can work alongside you to help you in your workplace so that you have the skills and knowledge to undertake your own research.

The people we work with come from all sorts of workplaces, which means we understand what it is like to work in public, private, third sector and government organisations. We are quick on our feet too, so besides the fabulous services already available to you, we can offer stand alone wellbeing projects, wellbeing consultancy and wellbeing capacity-building programmes.

Need some evidence to back up what you are doing?

Join gray’s Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential 2021

Our exclusive three day programme runs in autumn 2021, and brings rest, relaxation, and renewal. Given all the challenges and opportunities you will have experienced during the Covid pandemic, and in order to flourish with the changes ahead, join us in stepping back, taking time out, develop your wellbeing self care, and become the person you know you can be.

Why not try one of our online courses?

Between now and then, we will be providing lots of wellbeing material and running our online wellbeing courses.

You can do our online wellbeing courses at your own pace, in your own time. The courses are designed to improve your knowledge and provide skills that will help you and your clients to be their best self.

Each course stands alone, so you can choose which one suits you right now, and add to your learning as you go along. You can find out more by clicking the button below.

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