Dr Dee Gray – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, PhD, MPhil, ILM VII, PGCE, LLB Hons, RGN

Hello, my name is Dee. I am the very proud author and programme designer of the ‘best self’ method. I create opportunities for people to be their ‘best self’, whatever their circumstances or life experiences. This often brings me up close and personal with people whose work brings them on the ‘frontline’, and who lead within complex stressful working environments. Within this space I encourage entrepeneurial mindsets, and work with people to develop sustainable wellbeing behaviours. I include being in green spaces in my wellbeing practice, and believe the connection between human and planetary wellbeing is something to nurture and protect. I have extensive expertise in individual and collective wellbeing, and am at the forefront of wellbeing coaching. I work with our Associates to progressively build our knowledge and gather evidence of what works to improve and sustain wellbeing. I am a published author and international speaker and trainer. My business ethos is complemented by a strong social purpose, which is delivered through our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Katherine Jones

Katherine Fiona Jones – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, BA Hons, MFA

Hello, my name is Katherine. I am an artist, creative writer, events marketer, visual facilitator and researcher who has been with gray’s since 2011. I collect research data through what is known as a ‘generative learning technique’, which basically means I capture your words through my skill for illustrating conversations during events. I have a penchant for copywriting and am a published author. I believe in enhancing people’s learning through creative outputs, play and interaction. I work to encourage people to engage with the arts in all their various forms. Underpinned by years of disciplined training, I have a natural skill in communicating clear, memorable and meaningful visual images. I am accustomed to working with people from all backgrounds, age groups and professions. I have a natural ability to make you feel at ease, and am able to help you communicate your ideas so that you can take them forward in a productive and practical way.

Anita Grey – BEd, IML (Internatinal Mountain Leader, Cert NLP, Member of the Society of Alexander Technique

Hello I am Anita, I am an International Mountain Leadership Coach, an experienced and accomplished facilitator and trainer. I love making the outdoors an integral part of wellbeing, and bringing physical movement to enable people to manage stress. I have extensive experience of leadership development, and in individual and team health, wellbeing and performance improvement in public and private sectors.

I specialise in supporting people who are experiencing professional and personal transition.

I am trained in the best self wellbeing method and am a fully qualified Alexander Technique practitioner.

Alan Henry

Alan Henry – Fellow of the Royal Sociey of Arts, MA, PGCE

Hello, my name is Alan. I lead the development of grays LGBTQIA+ wellbeing programmes. I am a fully trained Wellbeing Practitioner, and am part of the nerdy team that conducts research into wellbeing. I believe that understanding your own personal journey contributes to wellbeing behaviours, work with people to capture stories of wellbeing. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and am passionate about equality and human rights. I have experience of working with the Merseyside Aids Support Group (Sahir House) throughout the 1990’s, initially as a phoneline support volunteer and later, providing one-to-one support to service users and their families. I am a teaching and learning professional with expertise in programme design and research, my experience extends to co-facilitating training for new Aids Support volunteers. I hold a Diploma in Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Education. I am a qualified coach and have experience of coaching and mentoring in higher education.

Pam Luckock

Pamela Luckock – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, ILM VII, Fellow of Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Hello, my name is Pam. I lead the development of our community wellbeing programmes. I am a trained Wellbeing Practitioner who is passionate about taking a human rights based approach to my work. I love to create hospitable, inclusive spaces in which to host conversations that matter. My intention is always to be a learner and to encourage others to do likewise. I am able to contribute a range of skills, expertise and experience to the programmes. The thing that brings me joy in this work is having the privilege to listen deeply whilst hosting “World Cafe” conversations, practising as an ILM7 coach / mentor and as an action learning set advisor. My professional qualifications are in health, leadership and coaching. I focus my work within the community. Recently this has involved helping to establish an Incredible Edible project and potentially a prototype for the new ULab Wales 2019 hub.