Our Programmes

Here at grays we design both face to face and blended (face to face and on-line) training programmes. Our face to face workshop series for 2020 is listed below, this is followed by our blended learning programmes. Our programmes are designed to give you CPD opportunities and we provide certification that will help you demonstrate this.

Our Face to Face Programmes

You have the option of commissioning our face-to-face programmes just for your organisation, or you can enrol on our ‘open workshop’ series.

Please contact us to let us know what you are interested in, we can discuss the details with you and enrol you on a programme.

Coaching for therapists


Type: one and one half day workshops

Workshops will cover introducing wellbeing coaching theory and practice, application to working as a therapist, practice of new coaching skills, feedback and review. CPD certificate provided.

Hosting meaningful conversations

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Type: one day experiential workshop

Learn how to create the environment for conversation, how to hold and manage tensions within conversation, and how to develop actions from conversation in a range of settings with multiple stakholders.

LGBT+ Wellbeing

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Type:  one and one half day workshops.

Introducing cutting edge research on scoping wellbeing with the LGBT+ community, findings from the Wellbeing for older gay men study, and development of ‘best self’ wellbeing knowledge and skills.

Our Blended Learning Programmes

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Bespoke Training

Alternatively if you would like to commission us to develop a new programme with you, or would like to adopt or join one of our current programmes, we would be happy to take this forward, please contact us using the form below.