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Some of our coaches have recently retired, if you are passionate about wellbeing coaching then please get in touch……

We have a number of coaching experts associated with grays. We can provide expertise in wellbeing, somatics, finding meaning, LGBT+ support, and leadership skills.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a complementary coaching conversation with one of our coaching experts, please get in touch.


Dee Gray

Hello I am Dee, originally an Executive Leadership and Performance coach, trained by world leader Professor Jonathan Passmore, I now coach and train people in the ‘best self’ wellbeing coaching models. I work with people from diverse professional and life backgrounds who have or are experiencing a fair amount of stress.  Common amongst all of the people I work with is a desire to makes sense and manage stressful experiences, and environments, and develop skills and knowledge that will improve and sustain wellbeing. I am also a coach researcher, so I conduct research into the impact of coaching, I am a published author, and international wellbeing trainer. I design coaching programmes that provide CPD for qualified coaches. I am Director of grays and Director of the Young Carers Academy CiC.

Hello I am Anita, I am an experienced and accomplished coach and facilitator within all levels of business.  My coaching practice focuses on leadership, health, well-being and performance improvement. My style of empathic and compassionate coaching, and mentoring supports lasting changes in behavior. I am trained in the ‘best self’ coaching method and am an Alexander Technique Practicitioner. I offer coaching skills that include somatic alignment for wellbeing and stress management.

Alan Henry

Alan Henry

Hi I am Alan. I am a qualified coach, gaining my coaching qualification as part of my joint honours in my Masters in Education. I have experience of coaching and mentoring learners and staff in higher education. I have utilised my coaching skills in many contexts including supporting the LGBT+ community to cope with life’s challenges and to work collectively on equality issues. More recently I trained in the ‘best self’ coaching method and now incorporate this both for self-coaching, and in the design of training programmes.

Pam Luckock

Pam Luckock

Hi I am Pam. I am an ILM level VII qualified coach, originally trained to help professionals develop their leadership and mentoring skills, I now focus on using the environment to support coaching. I am trained in the ‘best self’ coaching method and utiilse this to guide people through a range of coaching conversation and actions. I care deeply about the wellbeing of people and of the planet, and bring this sensitvity to the coaching relationship.

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