Communicating through the numbers of resilience and wellbeing….

Magnifying glass

If I start our conversation today with ‘What number are you?’, the likelihood is that you may not have a clue what I am talking about. This however cannot be said of a group of people who work in the Public and Third sectors in North Wales; all of whom came together yesterday to contribute towards a Resilience and Wellbeing Scoping Project, that explores the resilience and wellbeing of our leaders.

The project is being supported by Academi Wales, the national centre for excellence in leadership and management for public services in Wales, who along with other organisations, understand that our leaders need support if they are to develop and sustain the roles required of them.

By the time the project completes, there will have been three ‘group’ scoping conversations, one held in Chirk Castle in North Wales, two in City Hall in Cardiff, and a multitude of individual conversations with people who want to do something to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of staff across Wales. The project utilises the grays Resilience and Wellbeing model/process aligned with HSE health leadership standards. This provides structure and a facility to both educate about resilience and wellbeing whilst also collecting evidence.

The people who are engaging in conversations include consultant physicians, GP’s, directors of HR and Occupational Health in Universities, NHS and Local Authorities/Councils, directors of nursing…directors of police support services…directors of public health…..

The issues that are driving the conversations revolve around the increasing impact of workplace stress (in 2015/16, stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health). Factors known to influence workplace stress are failures in leadership, poor change management and transient senior management teams. The challenge and opportunity that presents itself is for employers to collaboratively work together to improve the resilience and well-being of all employees, and there is real potential to achieve this through resilient leadership.

One of the projected outcomes from the project is that we stimulate and support collaboration. Whilst we have many more conversations to have over the coming weeks, we thought by sharing the commitment to action from the group conversation yesterday, we might encourage you to do the same.

Outstretched hand


  • Creating networks across Wales and developing a community/hub to share and access resources, base the hub on the R&W model/tool
  • Engage champions to take the hub/model forward
  • Share our programmes, share out protocols/guidelines and objectives
  • Share our personal experiences, our challenges and our successes
  • Work across sectors and share with sectors
  • Make wellbeing and resilience the norm in organisations – begin by giving permission to ourselves

More news of the project will be shared as it emerges, if you are involved with us in the project we look forward to continuing our resilience and wellbeing conversations with you later this year.

Go well.