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At the begining of  2017 we began a scoping project on Leadership Resilience and Wellbeing, the scope of the project involves inviting leaders in the public and third sectors from across Wales to join in conversations that will help us all to understand some of the challenges leaders are facing. The project was sponsored by Academi Wales, which is the the national centre for excellence in leadership and management for public services in Wales. For more information https://goo.gl/XyulTp

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have reported a rise in incidence of workplace stress for some time; while the causes for workplace stress vary, evidence supports the view that poor leadership contributes to workplace stress for both the leader and the follower. Within the UK’s Public and Third sectors, health, education, and teaching have surfaced as the most stressful occupations (HSE, 2011), and having a leadership role within these occupations may be particularly challenging.

If you would like to read an open access chapter on developing resilient leadership click here goo.gl/OUPWEp

This project explores the resilience and wellbeing of leadership within Wales, and considered how we may support new leaders entering service careers in Wales in the future.

We are engaging a wide stakeholder group with senior leaders from across the Public and Third sectors, and are holding conversations that provide an opportunity for discussions on leadership resilience and wellbeing from multi-professional perspectives.

We are holding the last of our face to face conversations on the 16th March at Cardiff City Hall, while you may not be attending on this date we would still like to include you by inviting you to a twitter chat.

We believe this is an important subject, one that deserves our attention. To get involved all you have to do is ask a question, or answer a question, comment on the discussions, and share through retweeting our conversations to others.

Please use the hashtag #graysresilience so that all of your communications stay with the body of talk.

Afterwards we will look at what we have been saying and write a summary here.

Thank you and look forward to tweeting with you.