Healing the healers

What does it mean to be a healer nowadays? Does it still have that aura of mysticism? Are we inclined to believe that healing is an art, something practiced by spiritual people or is it something more everyday that we all practice and experience?

To be honest I don’t think I have sat and thought about it seriously until now. Which is curious given on reflection, my career is one involved in healing, initially people, and now people and planet.

The energy required to be a healer requires a certain focus, constructed around a value and belief system that is one of service to others.  This energy has a wonderful feedback loop linked to eudemonic wellbeing where the healer feels good, and often re-energised, by the healing work they do.  It is indeed a virtuous circle that encompasses and nourishes the ‘self’.

Being involved in healing is something that you and many others engage in every day, it can be something light touch such as checking in on a friend or neighbour, or something deeper such as stepping in and holding the space for someone as they share anxieties, or trauma. Healing, whilst something I have never seen on a job description is also something that many people do in their work, the more obvious are nurses, doctors, and therapists, yet it is also fundamental in social work and in teaching.

The role (formal or informal) of healer has been crucial in the last few years. Those who have worked on the frontline have answered a call, not to arms, but to heal. Now these same people, many of whom are exhausted, are facing a winter where there will be no let up on the demands for their continued service, demands from people who are the most desperate and most in need of help.

So what do we do to heal the healers? How can you and I reach in to them?  How do we go beyond clapping our appreciation?

I don’t have answers to all of these questions but it is something we all need to think about, it is something we should all be having big conversations about.

One thing I do is share my expertise, whenever and however I can. Recently I was invited by the Florence Nightingale Foundation to deliver a ‘Healing the Healers’ session, if you could share the following link to nurses working on the frontline then they will learn, for free, some ways in which to place wellbeing boundaries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5_iRfQLSkc

I am always up for collaboration. If you want to talk to me then drop me a message.

With kindness