Given that we are witnessing another inspiring Olympic games, it is worth considering our own Olympian resilience in terms of managing what life throws at us.

It may seem slightly odd to even think in terms of having Olympian resilience, but consider how many times in your life have you been faced by what seem insurmountable odds, have felt overwhelmed, have been exhausted, have had events turn against you, and yet somehow you have managed to keep going, to keep trying, and ultimately to achieve what you needed to?

In this I am particularly inspired by Mo Farah, who recently fell whilst running the 10,000m race yet managed to recover and go on to win. He is quoted as saying he thought of his family and was filled with so much emotion that it powered him back up and forward. How many of us have done that? Thought of the people who matter to us, and gotten back up again, and on with our own race?

Photo of Mo Farah

Our own race and our resilience can be dramatically improved by the things that cause us to feel strong positive emotion, that passion and purpose within our lives. We sometimes lose sight of of it and it can take a friend, a colleague…someone we trust to help us back on our feet.

Wherever you are and whatever your race might entail,  let us share in the joy from the race that Mo has chosen, and believe that we too,when we stumble can also get up and be Olympians.