Progressive development…….

Drawing of a finger touching a star

We are very fortnunate to have Katherine as one of our Associates at grays, she is an asset to our research programmes and programme delivery. Katherine is an artist and creative facilitator, her knowledge and skillset works well with those of the rest of the team, and she brings a unique perspective to programme design.
Katherine has recently been awarded a prestigious artist residency in Berlin, she will work there for a month on an arts based research project that explores loss and bereavement. We are supporting her in her endevours through sponsorship, and through this hope to discover new ways in which our resilience and wellbeing work can be informed by what she does.

We know that Katherine’s good fortune is also ours, we look to the future and the progressive development of all our programmes.

If you would like to learn more about Katherine’s residency and how we will weave it into what we do here please get in touch, and if you would like to explore some ideas of your own then we would like to hear from you.