Thinking strategically about wellbeing: Bringing in co-production

The time is about right for most people involved with HR, Organisational Development and Learning to join up and become strategic about their wellbeing design and implementation. You would be forgiven for believing that this is already the case, but, the truth is most ‘departments’ and the people that work in them are still thinking and operating like silos.

Which is such a waste of innovation and improvement because the collective impact on workplace wellbeing would be much more far reaching and sustainable if things were co-produced from the get go.

I am not misusing the term coproduction here either, because in this instance we have to put those whose role it is to bring wellbeing policy and practice into the workplace to also be users of the services that are brought in. This mindshift means all those working in these responsible roles also take care of themselves.

The impact of this wellbeing ‘role modelling’ cannot be underestimated, especially if those with a senior title are seen to be not just directing or designing wellbeing interventions, but are actually openly using them.

Taken to its natural conclusion co-producing wellbeing interventions means involving a cross section of people in the workplace.

I talk about this in more detail with the team from Holistic HR, you can catch up with that through this link

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