Wellbeing Training

I give it a superlative rating, and would recommend it to leaders in all walks of life and in organizational decision-making. You’ve done a remarkable job in describing the problem, offering historical and theoretical foundation, practical and easy-to-follow guides, data, and encouragement. Thanks so much for the opportunity to experience your work first hand.  It is quite remarkable.  

Programme Director at the ILR Scheinman Institute at Cornell University, USA.

The Wellbeing Course offered by Dr Dee Gray, is like stopping the clocks, and resetting them to positive.

Consultant Physician, NHS

Very impressed with the content, comprehensive yet to the point, without any superfluous meandering! I really like the format too. The knowledge checks after each section in a module, really ensure the student has grasped the teaching, before they move on.

Director of Wellbeing – Chemical Industry UK

This work could be targeted to opportunities for significant positive change, such as within A&E, and or in areas that have received negative attention, it can positively influence the wellbeing and productivity of staff.

Consultant Physician, NHS

I have learned a lot and absolutely recommend this course. I have been introduced to a lot of new material and authors on the subject matter of wellbeing, which ties in to the theoretical content I learnt during my health visiting training. Keep up the good work as following this pandemic many people will be in need of such support.

Local Authority Councillor leading on Children’s Services

We found the programme relevant, interesting, and challenging. We gained new competencies, and the programme contributed to our professional experience. We found the resilience scale very useful and the knowledge to self assess for resilience and wellbeing.

Wales Deanery

Our Esther coaches highlighted the importance of Sense of Coherence to create well and sustainable improvements. After working with grays we are very happy to use grays best self approach to coaching and would like to explore if we can bring our coaching to a higher level.

Senior Development Leader, Qulturum. Sweden.

The resilience and wellbeing day was really well evaluated, and seems to have come at the right time for colleagues, which was great.

Director of Nursing, NMNHS Trust

It’s tough but ultimately through this process my team is stronger ad I am stronger.

Senior Leader, National Trust

Our first session was highly rated by the team, we will look forward to more.

British Medical Association

I can highly recommend it, on my course there were people from a range of sectors including health and education. I think it could offer great benefits to many staff in these times of change.

Equality and Human Rights Consultant

The bespoke programme developed for us exceeded our expectations, and impact on participants has been exceptional. We will continue to work with gray’s Wellbeing in the future.

Director, Mid Wales Health Collaborative

We will use the model at a personal level to inform professional practice, at a team level it will be useful for problem solving, we have already used it to inform the process regarding safeguarding and staff safety issues.

Denbighshire Communities First Manager

An excellent day, with a trainer. It gave me a clear process model, that perhaps I was using already instinctively, but had no framework to understand it or base it on. I was able to use it straight away for myself and in my discussions with others.

Health Director, Chemical Industry

A highly productive day that will set our teams on the right path for the future.

Royal College of Physicians


This was an exceptional piece of work on an important part of our social history, which definately needs the next step on. I will use this in bids we are writing about ageing…. In particular the participant comments that highlight points about ageing and loneliness and the need for resources are most poignant.

Sahir House, Liverpool

It has been a pleasure to work with gray’s Wellbeingon the first two phases of this important development and we look forward to a further successful collaboration in phase 3, taking the new designs into practical implementation.

Ceredigion County Council

The Board found the findings extremely interesting especially the ‘compassion fatigue’ and the model used with the various steps – they were particularly keen on considering what leaders might do ensure that they are not affected by this and if they are how they notice and do something about it.

Academi Wales

I have been fortunate to work with Dr Gray recently on an empirical health and well being study, her clear thinking, expertise and collaborative approach has made for a trusting and honest working relationship.

Vice Chair, UNESCO UK Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Urban Forum

Excellent service, not only did we have an accurate report to support our business case but the team also benefited from research training too.

Regional Director, Chware Teg

An excellently co-ordinated and written research proposal.

Veterans Champion, Conwy Council

Fabulous service, we knew the answers were out there and now we have the evidence to move forward.

Manager, Communities First

A robust evaluation of a bespoke intervention programme, produced in an understandable and usable format. Never mind taking this work abroad, we need to keep it here in Wales!

Chair, Carers Forum Wales

A precise interrogation of our learning systems and delivery by grays has enabled us to reconsider our learning strategies across the whole organisation.

Director of Learning, Wirral Chamber of Commerce

Workshops – Learning from workplace errors

This was a very interesting impactful workshop about learning from workplace errors. Feedback from our delegates included that Dee was “knowledgeable and easy to talk to”, “able to get people to open up” and “I left feeling valued again as a human being – something I haven’t felt for a very long time”.

Academi Wales, Welsh Government

I learned a lot in these workshops about how the science of learning can bring about positive change following workplace errors. They have certainly provided ideas and practical tips on developing learning programmes within our organisation and for the MBA.

Lecturer, Chartered Institute of Bankers International MBA, Bangor Business School

Dee’s work is very thought-provoking; it helped me to focus on the impact the culture of our organisations has on individual staff and their well-being, and in turn the impact this has on the care they provide to patients.

Howells Coaching & Development Ltd

The legal accountability sessions were highly informative and delivered in a practical and meaningful way. All participants rated the sessions highly and felt that they contributed significantly to their professional practice.

HR Director, Leonard Cheshire Care Homes


The prospect of appearing in court was an intimidating one, thankfully I was able to benefit from Dr Gray’s expertise and as a consequence presented evidence in a complex legal case that involved animal welfare. I found the sessions invaluable.

Partner, Bodrwnsiwn Veterinary Group

My coaching sessions have helped me reach a level of development that had eluded me. I feel refreshed and reactivated at a deep deep level afterwards so the impact on my professional and personal life has been profound.

Outdoor Education and Management Consultant

I was de-motivated and struggling to deliver a massive site re-construction. The return on me investing time for coaching has seen me become my ‘best self’ and we are back on track.

Senior Manager, NHS

Thoughtful and compassionate coaching that has improved my resilience in a complex demanding environment.

Consultant Physician, NHS Trust

On first meeting Dr Gray, you will find that she is calm, competent and professional. Her experience is very useful in itself, but it is her special gift of intuition and empathy, that will strike you most. I have found that she possesses a rare ability to be able to connect with you, and sense any deeper, often subconscious feelings being experienced. Her caring and reassuring manner will put you at ease, so that you can reflect on feelings and emotions in a supportive, trusting environment. I consulted Dr Gray and after only a few sessions, I was able to start to appreciate my situation, accept this and start to make adjustments to my life.

Health and Safety Director, Anglesey Aluminium

This was the first time I had considered coaching as an aid to my personal development, I have been impressed both with the professional expertise and the practical outcomes that resulted from the sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend grays coaching as a means to improve on professional performance.

Officer, British Navy

The coaching sessions with Dr Gray provided the support I needed to enable me to move forward in so many ways and as a direct result I understand more and more the abilities I have and want to use.

Senior Practitioner, Leaf Health

As a busy leader running a growing social enterprise they proved invaluable, giving me a chance to “step back from the day to day” and, under Dee’s guidance, review what was working and where I needed to do things differently. I can highly recommend Dee’s expert, trustworthy, and highly creative approach to leadership coaching. Her thoughtful, systems-thinking approach to people definitely works.

Director, Groundwork UK

gray’s coaching has proven to be highly effective and has improved the wellbeing of staff experiencing the impact of organisational change.

HR Director, Kepak